Thursday, May 26, 2011

The goodnight Sleep Tight Book by Mircea Vasiliu

   This is the book that I had read to me as a child...not Goodnight Moon or The Going to Bed Book.  this is a book I now search for in used book stores.
   I have found it on AMAZON but as a collectible and it is too steep for an unemployed teacher. Goodness it is out there.
It was written the year I was born and I find this a nice side to the pictures I remember. I do not remember the words at all.
   I wonder what it is that calls us to remember our childhood fondly.  Nostalgia? Who knows? 
   Other books I remember from my youth are:  Where the Red fern Grows, Laura Ingles books, Nancy Drew series, etc.

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  1. I remember ARM IN ARM now too...another one I loved as a child.