Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interview Interview READ ALL ABOUT IT

So, after 3 years plus in Germany and almost 7 months back in the states (Nebraska this go round) I have finally gotten the chance to interview.  I WAS SO EXCITED AND THEN IT HIT ME...I am 7 years out from my last professional interview and totally scared.  I am scared and excited.

I am super excited to be able:
*to share my passions
*have an opportunity
*continue on my career path
*be part of a team
*dress up like a "big girl" (since home school has turned me into one of THOSE people who wear PJ pants on a Tuesday all day long)
*and possibly not have to substitute (changing schools, teachers, kids, subjects, schedules every day)

I am super scared that:
*I may come across as "young" and uninformed
*I may be one of too many candidates and my "holes" in my resume' come across as scarey to them

I hope they are able to see that I enjoy my career and that I would love to be a huge part of any team they allow me to be a member of.  I hope they see that I love learning and love to make other lifelong learners.  Mostly I am  happy and hopeful and hoping to get rid of the head cold before Tuesday comes.

I am happy with all of the things I have come across in my years and want to share them and learn and encourage and spread kindness.

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